Alien Armour Rating

Armour Rating (AR) is a combat measurement of how hard the alien is to damage. The higher the armour rating, the harder it is to hit the alien in combat. Armour rating is covered more thoroughly in Armour Rating.

Alien armour rating is a composition of all the elements that make it hard to damage. For example, speed, agility, hide, body coverings are rolled into armour rating. The description of the alien does not influence the armour rating. A turtle shell in the alien’s description does not improve the alien’s armour rating.

Drawing of cosmetic turtle shell on back of four legged alien.

Shell is for appearance, not armour.

The armour rating is determined entirely randomly. An alien’s base armour rating can range from 503 to 800. This armour rating represents the 'naked' armour rating of this alien species.

Aliens can wear body armour, but alien body armour is extremely rare. Before an alien could have worn armour in addition to her native armour, the species would have to be technologically capable. Body armour may exist for a species that has creator level in Tool Usage.

The higher the armour rating, the tougher the alien. There is no dexterity score bonus for alien armour rating.

Alien Armour Rating

AR = 500 + 3d100

Rolling 15, 89 and 64, would give an AR of 668.