Alien Combat

Alien combat is a legacy section. Aliens are just another persona in the tactical combat system. There are more similarities than differences.

Drawing of winged pincered sperm whale biting neck of dragon headed octopus.

Lunch avoiding diner. Diner acquiring lunch.

Points to Ponder on Alien Combat

  1. Aliens represent entire species.

  2. Flora and Fauna rarely have tactics.

  3. Flora and Fauna see technology as terrain, like sticks and rocks.

  4. Only tool using aliens use weapons.

    1. Weapon using aliens use a vocation combat table.

  5. Naturally evolved attacks use Bonus Proficient on the combat table

  6. Aliens do not have damage adjustment for their natural attacks.

    1. Aliens do have damage adjustment when they use weapons.

  7. Only tool using aliens use armour.

    1. Alien naked armour rating is randomly determined.

    2. Descriptive body part types do not affect armour rating.

  8. Alien die at zero hit points.

    1. Aliens do not suffer damage system shock and can fight until dead.