Appendix C2: Scenarios

The electronic version of the scenario did not survive data transfer. The example scenario does exist on a downloadable PDF EXP 4.01 1993 (32M). The scenario is found on game page 755 aka PDF page 769. You will also need to know the pre-rolled personas on game page 713 aka PDF page 727, and some pre-rolled TOYs on game page 689 aka PDF page 703.

This appendix is for the stuff one will need to create runs, scenarios, mythos and campaigns. EXP supplies a generic mythos as a guideline for creating one’s own mythos in which to role play.

Eventually scenarios will contain a collection of examples that use the generic rules and the generic mythos. There is an obsessively documented campaign called Tsolodvor that would fit in this section. Tsolodvor and other campaigns like GHOTI and The Adventures of Turnip may shoe horn into the Algo World Space. None of this will happen before 2022.